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Basava Textiles

Basava Textiles is located at Markumbi, just 5KM away from Bailhongal. It has got beautiful 79 Acres of Land where we have dreamed to go from fibre till optimum end product of fabricating the cloth. We have started the Ginning, Pressing and Oil Mill in it right now in a built up area of 2 Lakh SQFT with concrete flooring to insure cotton is not contaminated. It is one of the most latest unit in Karnataka which has a capacity to Gin 500 Bales / day. It has a total of 33KV Express Feeder Uninterupted Power Connection. In our coming next season we want to go for a Roof Top Solar for the entire Unit.

As we are already doing Ginning, Pressing and Oil Mill, we already have a proposal for Spinning, but since the market is unstable right now, we have placed this offer on hold. If things change, We have all the Infrastructure for Spinning and we can trigger the same at our descreet. To brief about BT, we have estableshed the complete setup in a span of just 6months. We have already reached the breakeven point in just 3 Years and we are now capable of paying Tax to the Government as well. We are paying tax as per the government norms inspite of the calculated depreciation, which shows the progress of the company.Type your paragraph here.